Sorter Systems

Sorter systems are automatic systems used in material handling and sorting processes. These systems efficiently separate and direct products on a conveyor line according to a specific sequence or destination.

Basic Operation Principle

  • Sorter systems are automated systems used to sort materials quickly and accurately.
  • The systems detect products on a conveyor belt or rollers and perform separation based on predetermined criteria.

Fast and Accurate Sorting

Sorter systems perform material sorting quickly and accurately.

High Capacity

Sorter systems have the capacity to handle large volumes of materials for sorting.


Automated sorting processes increase workforce efficiency and minimize human errors.


Sorter systems can be customized to handle different product types, sizes, and shapes.


Sorter systems can be integrated with warehouse management software and other automation systems, enhancing operational efficiency.

Applications of Sorter Systems

  • E-commerce and Distribution Centers: Used for fast and accurate sorting of high-volume products.
  • Parcel and Logistics Centers: Ideal for sorting packages and parcels to different destinations.
  • Baggage Handling Systems: Used in airports to direct baggage to the correct flights.

Types of Sorter Systems:

Uses pushing arms as the separation mechanism to push products sideways for sorting.

Uses raised platforms as the separation mechanism to lift and direct products in the sorting direction.

Uses belt diverters as the separation mechanism to divert products to different destinations.

Uses moving shoe-shaped components as the separation mechanism to move products along the sorting line.

Uses cross-belt conveyors as the separation mechanism to sort products in a crosswise manner.

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