AS/RS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System)

AS/RS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) is an automated system used for storage and material handling. These systems are employed to optimize storage space, reduce material handling times, and enhance warehouse management efficiency.

Definition and Basic Operation

  • AS/RS systems perform automatic placement, storage, and retrieval of materials onto/from high racks or containers.
  • The systems typically work in combination and fulfill storage, transportation, sorting, and material management functions.

Space Saving

AS/RS systems optimize storage space and provide higher storage capacity by utilizing high racks or containers.


Automated material handling and retrieval processes reduce human errors and process delays, improving workforce efficiency.

Speed and Accuracy

Automated storage and retrieval processes enable fast and accurate material handling. Safety AS/RS systems minimize human intervention in material handling processes, enhancing workplace safety.


AS/RS systems reduce human intervention in material handling processes and increase work safety.

Tracking and Monitoring

AS/RS systems track material movements and facilitate inventory management through monitoring capabilities.

Applications of AS/RS Systems

  • Large Distribution Centers and Logistics Hubs: Ideal for large-scale material storage and handling needs.
  • Automotive, Electronics, and Retail Industries: Widely used in industries requiring fast and accurate material handling processes.
  • Cold Storage Warehouses: Used for material storage and retrieval operations in low-temperature conditions.

Types of AS/RS:

Systems with high racks that perform material placement and retrieval operations using transport vehicles or elevators.

Utilizes smaller box or tray-type containers for storage and retrieval operations.

Facilitates the movement of materials within the storage area using conveyor systems or rail-guided transport vehicles and performs sorting operations.

Integrating  systems with warehouse management software enables complete control over inventory management, order management, and warehouse operations.

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