Project Management and Consultancy

Project management and consultancy services are essential for the successful implementation and optimization of automatic storage projects.

Project Planning

In automatic storage projects, project planning begins with defining objectives, allocating resources, and creating a timeline.

  • Work Packages and Tasks: Identifying work packages and tasks makes the project more manageable, and resources are directed based on assigned roles.
  • Progress Monitoring and Control: The project's progress is monitored according to success criteria, issues are identified, and necessary corrective actions are taken.
  • Risk Management: Potential risks in the project are identified, analyzed, and measures are taken to increase the project's chances of success.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Effective communication and collaboration among the project team and stakeholders support the project's success.
Consultancy Services
  • Needs Analysis: Assesses the current state before starting an automatic storage project and designs a solution tailored to the business needs.
  • System Selection: Determines the most suitable option among automatic storage systems and recommends the system that best meets the business requirements.
  • System Integration: Ensures the integration of the automatic storage system with the business processes and compatibility with other automation systems.
  • Training and Support: Provides training and ongoing support to enable users to effectively operate the automatic storage system.
  • Performance Improvement: Analyzes the performance of existing automatic storage systems and provides improvement recommendations.
  • Project Management and Monitoring: Project management ensures the project is managed and monitored according to the timeline and budget.
  • Risk Reduction: Project management and consultancy services identify potential risks and take preventive measures to increase the project's chances of success.
  • Designing the Right Solution: Consultancy services analyze business needs and design the most suitable automatic storage solution.
  • Increased Efficiency and Performance: Proper project management and consultancy services enhance the efficiency and performance of the automatic storage system.

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