AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) systems are autonomous robot systems used in automatic storage and material handling processes. These systems utilize sensors, mapping technologies, and software controls to perform designated tasks.

Basic Working Principle

  • AMRs are mobile robots with autonomous movement capabilities that perform material transportation, sorting, and storage operations within a warehouse.


AMR systems can easily adapt to changes in workload and scale up warehouse operations.


AMRs are equipped with sensors that detect their surroundings, allowing them to operate safely by avoiding obstacles.

Speed and Efficiency

Thanks to their autonomous movement capabilities, AMRs accelerate material transportation processes and increase workforce efficiency. Performance Improvement: Analyzes the performance of existing automated storage systems and provides improvement suggestions.


AMRs can be programmed and customized to accommodate different material handling needs.


AMR systems can be integrated with warehouse management software and other automation systems to coordinate operations.

Applications of AMR Systems

  • Distribution Centers and Logistics Hubs: AMRs optimize distribution processes by assisting in material transportation and sorting.
  • E-commerce and Retail Sector: AMRs are used for product placement, picking operations, and inventory management in storage areas.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: AMRs automate material transportation and logistics operations on the production line.

Features of AMR Systems:

AMRs use different sensors to perceive their environment and prevent collisions.

AMRs determine their positions within the warehouse using mapping technologies and optimize their routes.

AMRs are managed through software-based controls and can perform tasks automatically.

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