Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) systems are highly efficient automated storage and retrieval systems. These systems optimize storage space by utilizing a vertical structure with high storage capacity.

Basic Operating Principle

  • VLM systems consist of storage modules with a vertically moving platform.
  • Each module contains shelves and trays that hold the materials. The trays enable storage and retrieval of materials.

Space Optimization

VLM systems efficiently utilize vertical space, providing high storage capacity while minimizing floor space.

High Storage Capacity

Each module can carry multiple trays, allowing for storage of a large number of materials and increasing storage capacity.

Fast Access

Automatic sorting processes increase workforce efficiency and minimize human errors.

Workforce Efficiency

The modules position trays with high precision, reducing the risk of incorrect placement.


VLM systems can be seamlessly integrated with other warehouse management systems and automation technologies, enhancing operational efficiency.

Applications of VLM Systems:

  • Parts Depots: VLM systems are ideal for storing and retrieving small parts.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: VLM systems are used for storing and distributing tools and components used in the production line.
  • Retail Sector: VLM systems are utilized in store backrooms for inventory control and stock management.

Features of VLM Systems:

VLM systems are integrated with customizable software for operation and inventory control.

VLM systems are equipped with measurement and routing systems that direct materials accurately.

Operated through a user-friendly interface, allowing operators easy access and control.

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