Shuttle Systems

Shuttle systems are highly efficient systems used for automated storage and retrieval operations. These systems utilize shuttles, which are vehicles capable of horizontal movement on warehouse racks and can carry materials.

Basic Working Principle

  • Shuttle systems employ automated transport vehicles that can move horizontally on warehouse racks.
  • Each shuttle has a customizable structure with a platform for carrying materials and sensors.

Fast Access

Shuttles provide quick access to materials, reducing processing times.

High Capacity

Each shuttle can carry multiple materials on its transport platform, increasing storage capacity.

High Efficiency

Shuttle systems enable fast and accurate material transportation and retrieval processes, enhancing workforce efficiency.


Shuttle systems can be customized to accommodate different material types and sizes.

Optimization of Warehouse Space

Shuttles optimize space utilization by moving horizontally on warehouse racks.

Applications of Shuttle Systems

  • Large Distribution Centers: Ideal for storage and retrieval of large-volume materials.
  • Cold Storage Warehouses: Suitable for storing and transporting materials in low-temperature environments.
  • Automotive Industry: Used for storage and shipping processes of automotive parts.

Shuttle Features

Shuttles are equipped with sensors to detect materials and determine their positions

Automatic Control

Shuttle systems are equipped with safety sensors and obstacle detection systems.

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