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About Us

Our company was established in 1970 as Morel Co. Ltd., initially focusing on wholesale import and export of Fiat and Ford spare parts. However, with our success in the automotive sector, we expanded our investments and continue our activities under the name Morel Auto. Currently, we successfully engage in wholesale trade of tractor, truck, and car spare parts through our 6 companies based in Turkey. We constantly focus on innovation in the automotive sector, leveraging the advancements in technology and e-commerce. With a product variety exceeding 75,000 items, we aim to bring innovations to the automotive industry by keeping up with emerging technologies. With our professional and experienced team, along with 25 domestic and 7 international branches, we serve our customers in 77 countries.

We are also experts in automated storage systems:

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of automatic storage systems through services such as project consultancy, design, installation, and system integration. By developing customized projects according to our customers’ needs, we help increase efficiency and optimize their business processes.

At Morel Group, we always prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold our quality standards. Our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations and maintain a leading position in the industry. We will continue to add value to our customers through innovative solutions, ensuring our leadership in the automotive sector in the future.


Why Us?

We are a company that provides our customers with superior quality, reliability, and customer-focused services. We stand out with our wide range of products, investments in technology, e-commerce capabilities, international service network, and expert team. Additionally, we offer project consultancy and integration services in the field of automatic storage systems. We are here for you!

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