Multi-Shuttle Systems

Multi-Shuttle systems are high-speed and high-capacity storage and retrieval systems. This system operates by using multiple shuttles moving on a rail system to automate the storage and retrieval processes.

Basic Working Principle

  • A Multi-Shuttle system consists of multiple shuttles moving in parallel on a rail system.
  • Each shuttle is a device that carries transport trays and has vertical movement capability.

Fast and Efficient

Multi-Shuttle systems perform storage and retrieval operations at high speed and efficiency by utilizing the simultaneous operation of multiple shuttles.

High Capacity

Each shuttle can carry multiple transport trays, enabling the storage of a large number of materials and increasing the storage capacity.


The automated sorting process increases workforce efficiency and minimizes human errors.

High Precision

The automated sorting process increases workforce efficiency and minimizes human errors. The shuttles position the transport trays with high precision, reducing the risk of misplacement.

Automation and Integration

Multi-Shuttle systems can work in harmony with other warehouse automation systems through automatic controls and integration capabilities.

Applications of Multi-Shuttle Systems

  • E-commerce and Retail: Multi-Shuttle systems are preferred for intensive storage and fast retrieval operations in e-commerce warehouses and the retail sector.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Centers: Manufacturing facilities and distribution centers can utilize Multi-Shuttle systems for inventory management and material flow.
  • Automotive Industry: Multi-Shuttle systems can be effectively used for the storage and logistics operations of automotive parts.

Features of Multi-Shuttle Systems:

Multi-Shuttle systems are integrated with customizable software for operation and inventory control.

Shuttles are directed and synchronized by a central control system.

Multi-Shuttle systems are equipped with safety sensors and obstacle detection mechanisms.

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